About Us

We specialises in crafted homeware, home essentials and furniture so that you can live and work in a space that is comfortable and relaxing, because post covid, we have all grown to appreciate our living space more than ever. With our products, we hope that whether you are working from home or watching the events unfold at the Euros or Olympics, you truly own your space.


"Paracosm is a detailed imaginary world created and developed in childhood. That world sits deep in our conscious and incorporates imaginary characters and conventions, but also intertwines with reality. We are all the owner of our very own paracosm, yet over time, we all let go of those dreams in pursuit of 'normality'.

The Official Paracosm is a recognition of those "childish" dreams that you once had, the dreams that are truly yours. We question the social norms bestowed upon us. We seek to tear apart the conventions on how we should behave and act and dress as adults and reignite those paracosms that we have once buried. We represent the spirit of individuality, travel freely from the shackles of society."

Don't be afraid of who you are.

Summer 2021